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I loved eating honey so much I decided to get my own beehive! I joined the Gold Coast Amateur Beekeepers Society and learnt how to get started.
I live in suburbia - but you don't need a lot of room for a bee hive, and the council allow you to have up to two hives on a 600m2 lot. Normally your neighbours won't even realise you have a hive, until you start giving them honey.

One hive can generate 100+ kilos of honey per year, so I enjoyed giving honey away to friends and family, and they were amazed at how wonderful it tasted.
I then got the bug and got another hive, then I caught a swarm and started another hive.... I now sell my honey and other beekeepers honey at the Burliegh LOHAS Market.

I also make Creamed honey, Ginger honey, Cinnamon honey, Lavender infused honey and I sell my honey comb fresh from the hive. I also promote Jelly Bush Honey (Austraila's equivalent to Manuka Honey). It has a ULF rating from 5+ to 20+ and also Organic Manuka Honey from the South Is of NZ. UMF rating 15+.

I also sell bees wax for people who want to make their own lip balms, candles, soaps etc... I hope to add some recipes soon and info on the health benefits of the various honeys!
Any sales help fund my hobby of keeping bees.

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